New release! “DBL STICK PLUS disposable electronic cigarette”

The plus version has more flavor and smoke volume, and the number of suctions has been increased to 7500 times! Lasts a long time with explosive smoke! Since it can be used with Plume Tech capsules filled with tobacco leaves, it provides a strong kick feeling that is not comparable to regular VAPE! If you are a non-smoker, you can enjoy the mist without the capsule.



◎This is a Cenozoic electronic cigarette that pursues "health" and "tastiness." The ergonomic mouthpiece and leak-proof design of the pod fits your mouth better and makes it easier to smoke, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate in vaping!

◎ Fashionable with comfortable material and stylish exterior design! Compact and lightweight, palm-sized at only 26g!

◎ Automatic suction type, no need to press any buttons, just smoke and the cigarette starts immediately! This steam cigarette is extremely easy to use, making it easy for even beginners to use.

◎ The liquid uses natural materials and is healthy and refreshing without nicotine, tar, or tobacco odor!

◎ Our uniquely improved coil and enlarged vents produce a more delicate taste and abundant vapor volume, reproducing the feeling of ``thumping in your throat'' just like smoking a real cigarette. A new habit to smoke while quitting smoking!

¥2699 including tax.

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Mini cup for those who like large capacity

customer reviews

The color is beautiful and it feels good in your hand.
It's just right. It depends on how you smoke, but the number of times written is
It's short.

Mariko Yoshikawa

I haven't smoked all the types yet, but the scent is relatively good and I'd be happy if I could quit smoking like this.

break even

My husband and I stopped smoking a few years ago, but when we went back to Bali and we were all drinking together, we smoked a local e-cigarette and thought it came in a variety of flavors and would go well with alcohol. , I was looking for it after returning to Japan.
This one has a nice texture and is very satisfying!
I smoked one bottle several times and couldn't smoke anymore...I contacted them via LINE and they responded immediately.
Even if there is a problem, you can rest assured!
I would like to purchase a new type as well!


I bought this to reduce the amount of cigarettes I smoke, but it was not a substitute.
However, it's delicious, so I think I'll keep it again.
The response to defective items was very good.


I wanted something like a cigarette, but I wanted something that wasn't harmful, so I searched for one and ended up being satisfied.


The slim body makes it easy to hold and carry.
The part that touches your mouth is also smooth and easy to hold.
The liquid also comes in a variety of flavors.
It requires no maintenance and is very easy to use, so it is recommended for those who want to try e-cigarettes for the first time.



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