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Fujun Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ``the Company'') operates our website (hereinafter referred to as ``this site'') or services related to product sales provided by our company (hereinafter referred to as ``this service''). The terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") are set forth below regarding the use of the website.

If you use this site or this service, or purchase a product, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms, so please be sure to read them.

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms set out the terms of use of this site and this service, as well as the rights and obligations relationship between our company and users. In order to use this site or this service, you must agree to all of these terms and conditions, so please be sure to read the entirety of these terms and conditions.

Article 2 (Definition)

The definitions of terms used in these Terms shall be as set forth in the following items.

① “Products” refer to all items sold by our company on this site.

② “User” refers to everyone who uses this site or this service.

Article 3 (Scope of application and changes)

These Terms apply to all relationships between our company and users regarding the use of this site or this service.

The "Usage Guide" and other provisions posted on this site regarding the use of this service that our company posts on this site shall constitute a part of these Terms, and if there are provisions on this site that conflict with these Terms. If so, the relevant provisions will apply.

If you use this site or this service, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms.

The Company may change these Terms without prior notice, and the revised Terms will become effective when the Company posts the revised Terms on this Site.

If a user continues to use this site or this service after these Terms have been revised, the user will be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms.

Article 4 (Distribution of mail magazines, advertisements, etc.)

Our company may deliver mail magazines, advertisements, etc. from this site to users by e-mail.

Article 5 (Establishment of contract)

Users shall apply to purchase products according to the method specified by the Company.

A sales contract is established between the Company and the user when the Company sends an e-mail to the user confirming the application details or the operator of the Company accepts the application in the preceding paragraph. takes effect.

Once the sales contract is established, we cannot accept cancellations or changes, even before the product is shipped.

Article 6 (Payment method)

The user shall pay to the Company the price of the products and other expenses separately determined by the Company and posted on this site by the Company using the payment method specified by the Company.

Article 7 (Transfer of ownership and risk)

Ownership and risk of the product will be transferred at the time the Company delivers the product to the user.

Article 8 (Delivery)

The Company will deliver the product to the User's designated location using the delivery method designated by the Company. However, delivery to medical institutions and accommodation facilities, and delivery via post office or business office delivery is not possible.

Article 9 (Returns and Exchanges)

If there is a defect, defect, wrong item, or shortage of the product due to reasons attributable to the Company, and the User provides the Company with the specified product within three days from the date of delivery of the product to the Company. Products may be returned or exchanged only if you contact the contact information provided. However, if the product is incorrect or in short supply, the product will be re-delivered in accordance with the user's application in lieu of return or exchange, and the cost of returning, exchanging or re-delivering the product will be The cost will be borne by our company.

In addition to the cases stipulated in the preceding paragraph, returns or exchanges may be made if approved by the Company. However, the cost of returning or exchanging the product shall be borne by the user.

Article 10 (Attribution of Rights)

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights regarding the content included in this site or this service belong to our company or its providers.

Users may not engage in any act that infringes copyright, such as copying, publicly transmitting, displaying, assigning, lending, translating, or adapting the content posted or provided on this site or this service without prior consent from the Company. It won't.

Article 11 (Prohibited matters)

When using this site and this service, users must not engage in any of the following acts.

① Acts that violate these Terms of Use

② Acts that violate laws or regulations or are related to criminal acts.

③ Acts that violate public order and morals

④ Providing benefits to anti-social forces

⑤ Acts of impersonating a third party or intentionally transmitting false information

⑥ Act of applying to purchase a product without intending to purchase it

⑦ Act of not receiving the product without justifiable reason

⑧ Act of returning or exchanging goods without justifiable reason

⑨ Acts that infringe on the intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party as stipulated in Paragraph 1 of the preceding article

⑩ Acts that damage the honor and credibility of our company, or acts that unfairly slander our company.

⑪ Acts of purchasing products from this site or this service for resale, resale, or other commercial purposes.

⑫ Acts that place an excessive load on this site's network or system, etc.

⑬ Acts that may interfere with the operation of this site or this service

⑭ Acts of illegally accessing or attempting to illegally access our network or systems, etc.

⑮ Other acts that our company deems inappropriate.

Article 12 (Cancellation of contract, etc.)

The Company may cancel the contract with the User without prior notice if any of the following items apply:

① If the user violates the provisions of the preceding article

② If the user does not fulfill his obligations to the company

③ If the product is out of stock or discontinued

④ If delivery of the product cannot be carried out due to long-term absence, unknown address, refusal to receive, or other circumstances.

⑤ If there is significant concern about the user's trust.

The Company may claim compensation for damages incurred by the Company due to the User's violation of these Terms or other reasons attributable to the User.

Article 13 (Non-warranty and disclaimer)

Our company guarantees that this site or this service is suitable for the specific purpose of the user, has the quality, commercial value, accuracy, or usefulness that the user expects, and that the information from this site, this service, or our company We do not guarantee the accuracy, up-to-dateness, usefulness, reliability, legality, permanence, or freedom from defects of the provided information.

Our company does not guarantee that content, e-mails, etc. sent from this site, etc. do not contain computer viruses or other harmful substances.

Our company does not have any involvement in the user's computer usage environment, and assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the user due to the computer usage environment, non-delivery of e-mail, etc.

Our company is responsible for earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, tornadoes, heavy rains, floods, natural fires, infectious diseases and other natural disasters, wars, terrorism, revolutions, riots, labor disputes, arson and other social disasters or incidents, transportation accidents and We are not responsible for any damage caused to users due to the inability or delay in providing this site, services, or products due to force majeure such as malfunctions, equipment accidents, or malfunctions.

We are not responsible for any damage caused to the user due to product deterioration due to reasons not attributable to our company, such as long-term absence, storage method after product delivery, etc.

Even if the Company is liable to the User for any reason, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User in excess of the amount of consideration paid by the User to the Company. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any incidental damages, indirect damages, special damages, future damages, or damages related to lost profits.

The Company does not guarantee the quality, commercial value, safety, etc. of resale items sold in violation of the provisions of Article 11, Item 11. Furthermore, our company is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of resold products.

Article 14 (Suspension of this service, etc.)

In the event that any of the following items apply, the Company may suspend or interrupt the provision of this site or this service without prior notice, and the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to this. We do not take any responsibility.

① In case of urgent inspection or maintenance work on the system related to this site or this service.

② If computers, networks, systems, etc. stop due to an accident.

③ If the operation of this site or this service becomes impossible due to the force majeure event specified in paragraph 4 of the preceding article.

④ In other cases where the Company determines that suspension or interruption is necessary.

Article 15 (Handling of personal information)

The handling of users' personal information shall be in accordance with the separately established "Privacy Policy."

Article 16 (Severability)

Even if any provision or part of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions and parts of these Terms will be invalid or unenforceable. The remaining portions of such provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Article 17 (Governing law and agreed court of jurisdiction)

The governing law of these terms and conditions shall be Japanese law.

In the event that any dispute arises out of or in connection with these Terms, the Sapporo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

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